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"Why weddings?"


Thank you for taking the time and interest in viewing my work. 

Photography has been my life's passion and pursuit for the better part of 16 years. In that time, I have photographed news worthy events for international news agencies, fashion covers and spreads for magazines, products and ads for various clients and of course, wedding photography.  

"So, why do you photograph weddings?", you may ask. In a world full of cynics, dark changes and uncertain futures, one must hope.  We share a common bond of brotherhood with the rest of the members of our human family.  But, ultimately, we are the protagonists of our personal stories.  

The personal triumphs, losses, struggles and joys of our experiences are the legacy we leave to those behind.  It is in this legacy, that hope must be found for our lives to have meaning, regardless of our personal beliefs.  I shoot weddings because these for me epitomize this philosophy.  

The philosophy that no matter where we are from, what background we have, what language we speak or even what we might or might not think heaven is; we all search for love. When we find it, it is nothing short of a miracle; particularly in the light of current world affairs of our time.  From this miracle, the fact that someone wishes to spend the rest of their lives caring for us despite our imperfections, comes hope.  With hope, comes triumph. 

And with the triumph, the Dream Come True that we are trying make happen in our personal story.

I am deeply thankful, honored and humbled; by the people whose moments I depicted here.  They, along with the photographs, are a testament to the truth: That Dreams do come True.  I treasure the memory of having been lucky enough to be a witness to their happy ending.  And, by the same token, their new beginning together.

It is my sincerest hope that, somehow, everyone finds that.  I also hope that whoever sees these photographs which I made with as much love, care and passion as my subjects felt for each other convey that message, and that, if nothing else, you take that message with you.

Here's to your story.

With Deep Sincerity,  


Rodrigo Mendez